About Northwest Regional Learning Consortium
  • is one of six regional and one provincial consortia that make up the umbrella of the Alberta Regional Professional Development Consortia ARPDC.
  • works with schools, school authorities and five partner organizations (ASBA, ASCA, ASBOA, CASS, the Grande Prairie Regional College)
  • creates professional development opportunities based on their constituent needs and those of Alberta Education.
  • develops programs based on learning needs identified by school and school district personnel as well as parents and partner organizations.
  • Works with nine school jurisdictions in Zone 1, along with private, charter and band schools within our boundaries.
Our Mission

The Northwest Regional Learning Consortium (NRLC) provides quality professional development that is responsive to its learning community members' needs as they work to enhance student learning.

Our Vision

The NRLC serves as a catalyst to inspire and enhance active adult engagement in the overall learning process that in turn supports, enriches and improves student learning.

The essential work of the Consortium is aligned with provincial priorities, regional needs, and district and school goals so that sustainable, meaningful learning opportunities are available to its learning community members.

The Consortium promotes learning and learning connections for the diverse community of adults who share the responsibility for student learning.

Overarching Understanding

Effective curriculum implementation leads to a change in practice that enhances student learning.

Our Pillars
  • Effective Collaboration (process)
  • Effective Practice (content)
  • Effective Adult Learning (context)
Our Governance

The Board of Directors of the College of Alberta School Superintendents (CASS) serves as the Governance Board for ARPDC.

CASS engages a Provincial Advisory Committee of Education Partners to assist in and support the ARPDC mandate, and direction from the Minister to “broaden the spectrum of educational partners” at the provincial level, ensuring the contributions and recommendations of the ARPDC Advisory Committee are recognized and considered.