Our Team

Kim Barker-Kay

Designer of Professional Learning

(780) 523-1348

Previously a teacher, principal, and researcher in northern Alberta, Kim’s work evolved into building educational equity. This path led her to the work of many influential educators in the field such as Curtis Linton, Anthony Muhammad, John Hattie, and Mike Mattos. She spent many years involved in diversity leadership training with the National Coalition Building Institute. Additionally, Kim had the unique experience as the protege of a Cree Elder for ten years. As a principal, Kim was able to put all she learned into practice with favourable results in student achievement. She learned first hand the complexities involved in building educational equity. Kim continues to live on an acreage in the High Prairie area with her husband, enjoying the outdoors and spending time with her children and grandkids

Areas of Expertise

•Building Educational Equity from the Inside Out
•Building Foundational Knowledge

Mental Health
•Exploring and Building Personal Balance as an Educator

•Diversity Training: Building Community by Welcoming Diversity
•Poverty Simulation

"My mission is to build educational equity and advance education for reconciliation. My passion is helping educators explore and identify areas of need for building equity on 3 levels: personal, professional, and institutional. The next step is to identify ways of addressing those areas of need."

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