Our Team

Jason J Bigcharles

Designer of Professional Learning

Jason Bigcharles is a father of 7 and grandfather of 8. He is Metis’ from the Metis’ settlement of East Prairie. He has lived on the East Prairie Metis’ Settlement his whole life. He has been a teacher for 17 years. Although he is Metis’, his family is deeply rooted in Woodland Cree cultural practices and spiritualism. They continue to maintain a very high subsistence lifestyle, carrying on those traditions. Jason is an Outdoor Education Specialist and enjoys and mentoring teachers and students in Woodland Cree traditions and practices. He has experience in planning and administering Land-Based-Learning Camps to students of all ages which focus on traditional Land-Based teachings of the Woodland Cree Peoples both traditional and contemporary.  The majority of his time away from work is spent on the land hunting, trapping, gathering medicinal plants, instructing his children and visiting elders. Along with being dedicated to his traditions and spiritualism, he is also dedicated to lifelong learning and the belief that learning never stops. 

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