Games that Connect Numeracy and Literacy (K-3)
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Games that Connect Numeracy and Literacy (K-3)
Presented by: Wanda Dechant & Kim Tackaberry
Thursday, March 04, 2021 | 4:30 PM - 6:00 PM
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Games can be engaging and motivating, while simultaneously providing opportunities for students to deepen the connection between literacy and mathematics. In particular, games are a great way to embed student choice, which results in increasing their ability to focus and concentrate. 

We will discuss the math and literacy components within the game, as well as:

  • what to look for
  • what to listen for
  • questions to ask students
  • ideas for differentiation
  • error handling

Leave this session with ready-made ideas to take back to your in-person classroom or use as online learning resources. Come and join us in our playful, yet intentional time, as we highlight the symbiotic relationship between literacy and mathematics in the K-3 grades.

About the Presenter(s):
Wanda Dechant

is a Designer of Professional Learning with the Calgary Regional Consortium.  Her role includes supporting teachers, E.A.’s, school admin, learning coaches and parents in the area of K-12 Math. Wanda began teaching math and science in 2000, her teaching experience extends from grades 7 – 12.  For the past 6 years Wanda’s work has included a focus on K-6 Mathematics.  Three critical aspects of learning that Wanda embeds into her sessions include:

  • Increasing student (and teacher) self-confidence in math
  • Students engaging in visible learning with their peers
  • Students as mathematicians

Wanda is part of the development team for the Elementary Math Professional Learning project.


Kim Tackaberry

is a Designer of Professional Learning with the Calgary Regional Consortium. Her areas of focus include literacy and inclusive education. Kim’s teaching career spans over 28 years, ten as a classroom teacher at Foothills Academy Society, a school specializing in children with Learning Disabilities and ADHD. Kim has designed several e-learning courses for teachers, titles include Learning Disabilities and Introduction to Literacy and Numeracy Progressions. She is passionate about coaching educators, particularly when they are focused on supporting struggling readers. Apart from the Founder, Dr. Rick Freeze, she is the sole Precision Reading presenter in North America.

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