“Infusing Traditional Land Based Learning into Curriculum: ”Mamawhitowin “Coming Together” 2020 - Series 2
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“Infusing Traditional Land Based Learning into Curriculum: ”Mamawhitowin “Coming Together” 2020 - Series 2
Presented by: Jason BigCharles
Wednesday, December 02, 2020 | 4:00 PM - 5:00 PM
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Historically, The Mamawhitowin Conference features two days of keynotes and breakout sessions to engage and empower all educators who come together. This year we will ‘Come Together’ for a combination of Indigenous Learning  Series and work toward the success of all students  meeting the new Alberta TQS standards. This year’s theme is “Live the Learning” 


Series 2 - “Infusing Traditional Land Based Learning into Curriculum: Mamawhitowin: 

Jason will showcase the development of land-based learning camps within the KeeTasKeeNow Tribal Council Education Authority (KTCEA) service area. KTCEA has 7 years of experience in developing and implementing land based learning camps for all grade levels while infusing/integrating curriculum outcomes. KTCEA will allow participants to get a clear picture of the program development and evolution in the hopes of sharing best practices and any difficulties that may lie ahead for those wanting to develop a land based learning program that focuses on traditional skills while weaving curriculum into teaching on the land. 


About the Presenter(s):
Jason BigCharles

Jason Bigcharles is a father of 7 and grandfather of 8. He is Metis’ from the Metis’ settlement of East Prairie. He has lived on the East Prairie Metis’ Settlement his whole life. He has been a teacher for 17 years. Although he is Metis’, his family is deeply rooted in Woodland Cree cultural practices and spiritualism. They continue to maintain a very high subsistence lifestyle, carrying on those traditions. Currently he works as an Outdoor Education Specialist for the KeeTasKeeNow Tribal Council Education Authority (KTCEA), going into schools and mentoring teachers and students in Woodland Cree traditions and practices. He plans and administers Land-Based-Learning Camps to students of all ages which focus on traditional Land-Based teachings of the Woodland Cree Peoples both traditional and contemporary. KTCEA currently offers 13 camps per-school year. Jason plans, administers and presents at these camps. He is a powwow dancer, storyteller, hunter, trapper and medicinal plant gatherer. The majority of his time away from work is spent on the land hunting, trapping, gathering medicinal plants, instructing his children and visiting elders. Along with being dedicated to his traditions and spiritualism, he is also dedicated to lifelong learning and the belief that learning never stops.


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