Recruiting the Right People Using Behaviour Description Interviewing
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Recruiting the Right People Using Behaviour Description Interviewing
Presented by: Renee Paul
Tuesday, November 08, 2022 | 8:30 AM - 3:30 PM
Session Location:
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About the Session:

In this highly interactive one-day workshop you will learn how to prepare for, conduct, and choose the right person for the job.  The workshop is designed to provide a hands-on experience, complete with seeing an interview from start to finish and trying out your own ‘mock’ interview, using tools and techniques of behaviour-based interviewing. The Behaviour Description Interview (BDI) method of interviewing is a best practice that gets beyond the superficial answers from candidates and instead gets specific and in-depth examples so that interviewers can choose the right person for the job.  Whether you're an experienced or novice interviewer, you will benefit from these techniques and will be able to use them immediately in your next interview.

At the end of this session you will be able to:

  •         Plan, structure, conduct and evaluate behaviour focused interviews
  •         Reduce turnover and cost of new hires
  •         Design and ask relevant behaviour based interview questions  
  •         Use the “STAR” technique to allow the candidate to showcase his/her skills and experience
  •         Conduct interviews that are compliant with human rights legislation
  •         Assess a candidate's responses against job description and requirements
  •         Use probing questions during interview questioning
  •         Use behaviour based questions to conduct better reference checks
  •         Avoid common interviewer mistakes
  •         Use tools, techniques and tip sheets to use in your next interview
About the Presenter(s):
Renee Paul

Renee Paul has a passion for training development, delivery and facilitation in numerous areas including recruitment, performance management, leadership, team building, and personal effectiveness. She has over 20 years of experience in large organizations and the human resources field, and has extensive experience in instructional design, development and delivery.

As one of The Performance Group OE Inc. key recruitment trainers, Renee has a wealth of knowledge in this area. She is an inspiring facilitator whose Behavioural Description Interviewing (BDI) participants have described Renee as a “knowledgeable and engaging facilitator who offers practical tools to build essential skills”.  As a “facilitator’s” instructional designer, she utilizes her passion for engaging participants in her approach to instructional design and development.  Her learner-centred approach combined with her detail focus provides an integrated plan for the design and development of participant, facilitator and support materials. She has worked with numerous clients to build customized BDI workshops and presentations that reflect practical tools to deal with the challenges faced in recruiting the ‘right’ person and then in keeping them.

Catering is not prepared in a nut/gluten-free environment.
Photography Release:
This is a public event with the likeliness of photo/video throughout the day. By attending, participants understand they may be captured in photo or video for future presentations or promotional material development. Please see conference hosts if you prefer to not be photographed.

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