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Culturally Relevant Read-Alouds - Featuring Dr. Sonja Cherry-Paul

Presented By

Dr. Sonja Cherry-Paul

Series Sessions

Date Time
Thursday, January 12, 2023 4:00 PM - 5:30 PM



Target Audience: K-6 teachers, educational assistants and administrators are encouraged to attend.

During this workshop, educators will develop a keen understanding of culturally relevant teaching as an instructional stance, rather than a list of practices. Recently, there has been important conversations around books and classroom libraries that reflect the racial and cultural identities of BIPOC students. However, representation alone is insufficient. Multicultural educator Dr. Rudine Sims Bishop says that books can serve as mirrors and windows for children. Educators will examine the research about children’s literature that demonstrates the continued challenges BIPOC children experience locating books that can serve as mirrors. Then, educators will utilize the tenets of culturally relevant pedagogy and lean into two powerful lenses to select, evaluate, and teach with #ownvoices books. After participating in demonstrations of culturally relevant read alouds, educators will be provided with strategies that they’ll apply as they develop their own transformational read aloud instruction for students that both affirms and raises awareness.

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