NR.HSR19.MFWHSR Moving Forward with High School Redesign Spring Network Meeting 2019
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Moving Forward with High School Redesign Spring Network Meeting 2019
Presented by: Caroline Missal, Kelly Adams, Megan Cox & Stephen Wright
Thursday, March 14, 2019 | 8:30 AM - 3:30 PM
Session Location:
Stonebridge Hotel 12102-100 Street, Grande Prairie, AB GET DIRECTIONS
About the Session:

Community Learning Partnerships

Education for students in the 21st century takes place beyond the four walls of a school. By promoting community learning partnerships to create personalized learning through career-based high school programming, via dual credit, off-campus education, career and technology studies or locally developed courses, Alberta’s students engage in learning experiences that can assist them in completing their high school education and in making meaningful transitions from high school to post-secondary and/or the workplace. Finishing high school is an important step for young people to create a positive future for themselves, their families, and their communities. Career-based programming may help improve high school completion rates, help increase the accessibility of Alberta’s adult learning system, and help students develop the skills required to succeed in today’s workplace.

Keynote: How can mentoring help personalize the high school experience?

Mentoring is an evidence-based practice focused on relationships, making sure that youth are connected and have a sense of belonging, building resiliency and relationship skills. Research shows that mentoring has benefits for both the mentor and mentee, including increased high school completion, better attendance, and an increased sense of attachment and belonging in their school. Mentoring is also a practice that supports and adds to a welcoming, caring, respectful, and safe learning environment, building on all of the competencies and enabling students to receive credit at the same time. This interactive keynote will help staff to personalize their own experiences and learning, building on knowledge around CTS credits, community partnerships, research and best practice. Be prepared to learn more about what is happening around the province, share with your colleagues, and hear about resources, and upcoming opportunities to go deeper.


About the Presenter(s):
Caroline Missal

Caroline recently retired after 35 years as an educator with Edmonton Public Schools. During that time she taught at elementary, junior and senior high, was a behaviour consultant, a principal at four different schools and spent time seconded to both Alberta Children's Services and Alberta Education with a focus on supporting students who are vulnerable and creating welcoming, caring, respectful and safe learning environments. During her last secondment Caroline's main area of focus was mentoring, including supporting the Alberta Mentoring Partnership. Caroline has over 20 years experience using restorative practices within schools, districts, and the justice system. She is currently chair of the Alberta Restorative Justice Association and as well as doing private contract work is a trainer for the International Institute of Restorative Practice.

Kelly Adams

Currently an Alberta Education Curriculum Consultant with Career Education, Kelly Adams previously spent 25 years as an educator supporting personalized learning for high school students. This experience has served in her role working closely with school authorities to lead the implementation of the Alberta Dual Credit Framework. Her highlights within the process were helping Alberta’s students engage in post-secondary learning experiences that can assist them in completing their high school education, and making meaningful transitions from high school to post-secondary and/or the workplace. With all the potential for supporting students across the province, Kelly is thrilled to have accepted a permanent position with Alberta Education in which she will continue to work with dual credit and other off-campus programming.

Megan Cox

Meghan Cox, currently on secondment with Alberta Education, has worked for over twenty years to support schools in implementing welcoming, caring, respectful, and safe learning environments. In doing so, she has supported staff and worked with students with a broad range of needs, in a variety of roles including mentor, teacher, counsellor, coordinator, instructional coach, facilitator, and consultant from K-12 and division office. Mentorship has played a large part in this, focusing on relationships and connections, building resiliency and student success through a strength based approach. A significant part of this secondment role is supporting the Alberta Mentorship Partnership.

Stephen Wright

Stephen Wright, joined Alberta Education after 25 years of being an educator with Edmonton Public Schools. During his time at Edmonton Public Schools he was a teacher, an administrator, and provided central services on the topic of curriculum.  Stephen joined Alberta Education initially as a secondee for the Information Sharing Strategy, a cross-ministry initiative supporting collaboration of Health, Human Services and Education when providing programming for students. Stephen current role is to supports all school authorities with Locally Developed Courses to meet the needs of students.

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March 08, 2019


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