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Provincial Curriculum Development & Engagement: Collaborative Conversations about Curriculum Validation

Date(s): 30 May 2017
Time: 15:30 to 16:30
Free Event
Focus: Arts Education,Curriculum Development,French (FI and FSL),Wellness (Health/Physical Education)
Grade: All grade levels K-12,Central Office,System and School Leadership
Webinar (Webinar)
Karen Egge
Course Code: NR.CD17.032CG
Registration closing date:
30 May 2017 - 15:00


Arts, Wellness & French Specific



Arts/Wellness Curriculum Validation Session

It is an exciting time in our province as Alberta Education begins work toward developing a student-centered provincial curriculum that will enrich student’s lives and prepares them for careers in an ever changing global landscape.

As part of the validation process, Alberta Education will conduct an online provincial curriculum survey to enable the review of draft subject introductions and draft scope and sequences (essential understandings, guiding questions, concepts and procedures), in English and French, on the Alberta Education website. 

The Northwest Regional Learning Consortium will once again organize and lead face-to-face sessions for teachers, school stakeholders, and the public on specific subject disciplines.  Sessions will allow participants to discuss and complete the questions they found in the online provincial curriculum survey.

Webinar link:

Please see page 3 of the flyer (above document) to find links to support materials for parents, teachers and school authorities.  These materials are posted at

Download your documents in preparation for your session here.


Karen Egge has been the Executive Director of the Northwest Regional Learning Consortium (NRLC) for 20 years.

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